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We support needy male and female athletes to make the next step in life. We provide accommodation and food as well as donated running shoes and sports equipment. Every year some of our athletes sign with sports management agencies to become professional runners. A good number has succeeded up to world class. It is great to watch that these top athletes give God the glory for their achievements and they also still remember where they come from. They regularly visit our training center to encourage the next generation of athletes and tell them their story and how God has lifted them up. These are wonderful fruits of our work and it is beautiful to see the sustainability.


Every year since 2017 an increasing number of our athletes receive a full scholarship from a top university in the USA. Others get employed as athletes in the Kenyan armed forces or Police.


We celebrate not only athletic achievements but even so when our athletes tell us how God has changed them from the inside out during their stay with us. For others it becomes visible through the steady positive changes in their character and behavior. Some even ask to be baptized.


Over the years it is a privilege to observe how our alumni enter new stages in life and are getting married and raise children. We celebrate when we see that long lasting circles of poverty, hopelessness, joblessness, alcohol addiction, fatherlessness, sickness, etc. could be broken and a new generation starts into life with much better conditions than the generation before.

Daniel Kipchumba

Half marathon pb 59:06min

Daniel joined Complete Sports as a 17-year-old teenager directly after high school. Due to a lack of funds, Complete Sports helped him to get his personal ID when he became and adult at age 18. The almost three years that Daniel had lived with Complete Sports made a very big impact on his character, faith and running. He made many friends within Complete Sports and was a dedicated and hard-working athlete.

His personal relationship with Jesus Christ carried him through a very long injury period 2019/20 including surgery. He continues to trust in God and testifies it to others.
Daniel is part of Global Sports Management. He is one of few athletes who have managed to run four half marathon races under 60min in a period of one year. His current pb stands at 59:06min.

Noah Kipkemboi

Half marathon pb 60:52min

Noah Joined us as a 23-year-old nobody in 2016. He was down hearted and did not know what to do. He had been training already for some years. Through the supporting and loving atmosphere, many conversations and smart training, Noah gained a new momentum. He consciously decided to trust God for his future. Noah`s running excelled and he got in good shape. He also became mentally stable and tough.

His “breakthrough” performance was his victory in one of the competitive Athletics Kenya Series cross country races. After that he was approached by different sports management agencies.  He decided to join Global Sports Management and became a teammate of Eliud Kipchoge and others. Noah then experiences the ups and downs of the sport. He had to deal with injuries, recovered and set new personal best times. Because of his solid and servant character and god performances he was selected to be part of the historical sub 2 hours marathon race in Vienna in 2019 and lead Eliud Kipchoge to become the first man running 1:59min in a marathon. Noah also had successfully rabbited for Joshua Cheptegei to capture the 15k world record, and he was one of the pacemakers for the prestigious Tokyo marathon.

Meanwhile, Noah is married and father of a son. His half marathon pb is at 60:52min.

Noah confesses his Christian faith amongst the running community and visits the Complete Sports training center every year to encourage the next generation of Kenyan runners to trust Jesus Christ for their future. It is a real joy!

Robert Mwei

PB in 2019: 13:19min, 27:57min and 60:21min.

Robert has had a very intense life before he joined Complete Sports in 2016. He had been at a training camp where bad values had been lived. Robert was used as a pacemaker for an Olympic Champion but was not supported to have a career himself. He was struggling with his life and at one point found himself with only $3 Dollars remaining in his pocket. He decided to use it for the lottery and surprisingly won about $50. With that money he could survive again for some time.

Already as a child, Robert had it rough and had to struggle for food. He comes from a humble background. His parents are poor. He was sent to different relatives to help him. Once he even had to sleep on a tree because he did not have a place to stay. By his strong will Robert managed to pass high school, which was a big achievement.

On 6 December 2016, God touched the heart of Robert in a special way during the daily devotions we do as Complete Sports family. Robert cut with his past life and committed himself completely to God. Until today, Robert tells, how his life has changed to the better ever since. It has been a process and Robert still has to live with some consequences of his former life. But he is now stable and practices his faith in Christ.

Meanwhile Robert has become a professional runner in Japan under the management of IKAIKA. Together with one to three other Kenyan athletes, he does daily devotions and prayers. As a result of this, one athlete had decided that he wants to be baptized. God`s ways are good!

Emmanuel Korir

Olympic Champion 800m, World Record Holder 600m indoors

Emmanuel joined Complete Sports 2016 as a very fast 800m runner, because he was looking for holistic support. To combine sport and faith and to live as a Complete Sports family was very attractive to him and molded him. His personal faith in God was strengthened.

He gained a lot of public attention through his good performances. First in Kenya and then internationally. He was offered a scholarship from the university of Texas El Paso/ USA, which he joyfully accepted. Already in his first year in college, he set a new indoor 600m world record. After this tremendous achievement he turned professional to become the world leading 800m runner in 2018. His personal best times are outstanding 44,21 sec and 1:42,05min, to make him one of the fastest runners of all time.

When Emmanuel was declined his visa to enter the 2018 world indoor championships in Great Britain as a Gold-favorite, he made the following statement to the media: “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as we accept the one that’s waiting for us. When you work hard for your dreams some people don’t care but God is great. It isn’t the end of everything.”

Athletic achievements

  • Emmanuel Korir is first time #1 in the world in 800m in 2018. He wins several Diamond League races and the African Championships. In Tokyo 2021 he becomes the Olympic Champion in 800m and world champion in 2022.
  • in 2018, Daniel Kipchumba runs three half marathon races in one season under 1 hour. He is number 6 in the world with 59:06min
  • in January 2017 Emmanuel Korir set a new world record in 600m indoors as a freshman in college
  • Two silver medals at the 2012 Paralympics in London
  • Spencer Maiyo won the Kenyan Trials 2014, 5000m juniors
  • Spencer and Isaac are the first Complete Sports athletes winning races in Germany
  • in 2016 seven of our athletes qualified for Kenyan National Championships, four of them making the finals
  • in 2017 Noah Kipkemboi (seniors) and Daniel Kipchumba (juniors) both won on the same day an Cross Country race of the official Athletics Kenya series
  • many victories up to regional levels in Kenya
  • In 2016 Kenneth Keter runs the Venlo Half Marathon in 59:48min
  • Eliud Too wins the Dublin Marathon in 2014
  • Mercy Chelangat becomes NCAA cross country champion 2021 and NCAA 10.000m champion in 2022.
  • Eliud Kipsang breaks the NCAA record in 1.500m in 2022.

Donations can be made through the website of the SRS foundation in the USA. American donors will get a tax-deductible receipt!