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About us
What makes us what we are. Who we are. What successes we have had.


Complete Sports is a charitable Kenyan society dedicated to helping coaches and young Kenyans become exceptional athletes and outstanding citizens through whole-life coaching.

the INDIVIDUAL person
comes first

For us, the individual  person comes first, then her or his performance. That is why our athletes are so successful! Based on a biblical foundation, our athletes learn to be responsible for themselves and other people. They are mentored to develop a solid self-worth independent of performance and an identity outside the sport.


We believe that the basis for high performance and a meaningful life is the interaction of body, mind, spirit, and healthy relationships. Healthy relationships to oneself, to other people and to God. We see it as our task to support the athletes in this. Some of the athletes strive for a career as a professional runner, others have the goal to get a scholarship from an American university.


We conduct life skills training for a variety of topics, and we do prep courses for SAT exams for the scholarship athletes. All athletes have access to a small library with selected books and videos. On an ongoing basis we mentor all athletes for their personal growth. The biggest impact during their stay with us is the fact that we share life! We are learning from each other and together from God.

Our main values


walk as you talk


roles in life, what you do and don‘t do


love people with your life


God is a god
of second chances


world class performance
& professionalism


our staff takes care of the athletes 7/24. It is part of our concept that athletes are well cared for but not pampered. Everybody has his or her own tasks and turns in the kitchen for example. Besides the daily training all athletes do their own laundry, clean their rooms and the social areas. They help with getting milk or chopping firewood or other small projects. Our staff cares for a balanced diet and enough food for everybody. Our coach comes up with specific training programs and plans the competitions. Our Pastor and our matron are the sport mentors. We do daily devotions and pray together and share all our meals. If any person has a problem he or she gets help. We live as a Complete Sports family!


The executive board of Complete Sports consists of our staff members and Kenyan  volunteers under the chairmanship of Bishop Luka Maiyo.


Our Complete Sports ambassador is Mark Kiptoo (world record holder marathon masters category 2018 in 2:07:50 hrs.)


2007 - 2011


First meeting of Meshack Sang and Bernd Breitmaier in Kenya. Started developing the concept for how to serve runners in Kenya holistically.

2008-2009 VISIT

Visiting different running camps and advisors after the civil war riots. Concept phase and looking for partners.

2010 Partnership

Started the partnership with the African Inland Church (AIC) and finalize the concepts.

2011 foundation

  • First seminar for coaches with the topic of “Holistic Athlete Development” with 41 participants
  • First sports science seminar for coaches with 21 participants
  • First talent search with holistic criteria in Kenya
  • Agreement with the African Inland Church over the use of their land in Kaptagat as a training center for Complete Sports. Started the renovation work.
  • Established a Kenyan non-profit organization “Complete Sports” with five members

2012 - 2015


  • Opening ceremony of Complete Sports Athletic Training Center in Kaptagat
  • David Korir wins two silver medals at the Paralympic Games in London 2012


  • First graduation ceremony of the year-long Complete Sports training program with six athletes


  • Official registration of Complete Sports as a charitable Kenyan society
  • Spencer Maiyo wins the Kenyan Trials 5,000m in the junior division
  • The first Complete Sports athlete receives a full scholarship from an American university
  • The first two Complete Sports athletes come to Germany and win several road races
  • First Complete Sports reception in Germany

2015 Charity Partner

  • New Complete Sports logo and website
  • Start the campaign Lebenslauf (a fundraising campaign)
  • For the first time, Complete Sports is the charity partner of the international athletics meeting in Pliezhausen
  • Wilson Kipsang becomes ambassador of Complete Sports

2016 - 2019


  • A record of seven Complete Sports athletes qualify for Kenyan Nationals Championships; four making the finals
  • First appearance of Complete Sports as a charity at the Kassel Marathon in Germany
  • Five Complete Sports athletes sign a contract with a sport management agency


  • Complete Sports Alumni Emmanuel Korir sets a new 600m indoor world record
  • January is the start of the partnership with Complete Scholarships, a project to help Kenyan runners get scholarships in the USA
  • more international victories of Complete Sports athletes
  • Seven athletes ask to be baptized by our Pastor
  • In December a training camp of Complete Sports together with Complete Scholarships attracts more than 80 participants


  • Emmanuel Korir is #1 in the world in 800m. He wins several Diamond League races and takes the gold medal in the African Championships
  • Complete Sports buys a land in Kenya, but it cannot be registered because of the interference of a politician.
  • Mark Kiptoo becomes ambassador of Complete Sports


  • Since 2012 Complete Sports has supported more than 100 athletes to become a professional runner.
  • In addition, we have supported more than 50 athletes to get a scholarship in the USA or to get employment as an athlete in the Kenyan armed forces or Police.
  • In December Complete Sports bought a land in Cheptigit – the future home of our holistic training center.
  • Naomi Butia becomes the first woman to join the board of the Complete Sports society.
  • Our alumni Noah Kipkemboi is one of the pacemakers for Eliud Kipchoge as he runs the historic sub 2 hours marathon in Vienna.
  • Five athletes asked our Pastor to be baptized this year.

2020 - 2021


  • During the Corona year, our training center was closed for nine months. It was a tough time for some of our athletes, but thanks be to God, we could pay our staff throughout this time and also support some needy athletes. We came through the year without any infection.
  • One athlete asked to be baptized by our Pastor in December
  • We drilled 650 feet deep for water at our new land in Cheptigit. We installed a water pump and have clean drinking water now. We built a water tower with a capacity of 40.000 liters. We built a dairy for our first two cows and set up our main gate and completed our fence.


  • On 27 July we celebrated the ground breaking for our three main buildings.
  • Our Complete Sports Alumni Emmanuel Korir becomes Olympic Champion for 800m at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  • Another alumni, Hillary Kipkoech, clocks a world leading time for 10k on the road with an impressive 27:34min. In his second half marathon he runs 59:44min for position two in Paris.
  • Our Complete Scholarships alumni rock the NCAA in the USA. Mercy Chelangat is our first NCAA champion in cross country. Eliud Kipsang takes a silver medal indoors for 1,500m.
  • Eight athletes approached us with the request to be baptized, amongst them two Maasai!